This document was the result of a collaboration between:
Also, special thanks to the Mobility Innovation Team that provided feedback and edits to the final plan:
Mobility Innovation Team
    John Callihan, Director of Transportation
    Jeff O'Brien, Director of Develop Louisville
    Ed Blayney, Office of Civic Innovation
    Tony Mattingly, Advanced Planning
    Bradley Coomes, APCD
    Tammy Markert, Transportation
    Dirk Gowin, Transportation
    Todd Hodd, TRIMARC
    Larry Chaney, KIPDA
    Jason Yeager, Public Works
    Tiffany Propes, PARC
    Aida Copic, TARC
    Torend Collins, APCD
    Mark Dutrow, Transporation Planning
    Will Heitzman, PARC
    Michelle King, APCD
    Shane McKenzie, KYTC
    Shawn Wall, PARC
And, last but not least, thank you to Richard Todd, who helped start Louisville on our pathway to autonomous vehicles with his research and recommendations
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