This document was the result of a collaboration between:

Also, special thanks to the Mobility Innovation Team that provided feedback and edits to the final plan:

Mobility Innovation Team

  • John Callihan, Director of Transportation

  • Jeff O'Brien, Director of Develop Louisville

  • Ed Blayney, Office of Civic Innovation

  • Tony Mattingly, Advanced Planning

  • Bradley Coomes, APCD

  • Tammy Markert, Transportation

  • Dirk Gowin, Transportation

  • Todd Hodd, TRIMARC

  • Larry Chaney, KIPDA

  • Jason Yeager, Public Works

  • Tiffany Propes, PARC

  • Aida Copic, TARC

  • Torend Collins, APCD

  • Mark Dutrow, Transporation Planning

  • Will Heitzman, PARC

  • Michelle King, APCD

  • Shane McKenzie, KYTC

  • Shawn Wall, PARC

And, last but not least, thank you to Richard Todd, who helped start Louisville on our pathway to autonomous vehicles with his research and recommendations